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is rated amongst the most reputed audit firms in UAE.

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    About Mabade

    Having top auditors, MABADE AUDITING OF ACCOUNTS is rated amongst the most reputed audit firms in UAE. We offer a full range of audit & assurance services. We provide an opinion on the company’s financial statements and assurance to the company’s management and shareholders that the company’s books is in compliance with the as per the UAE law. Currently, all the companies are required to hire an approved chartered accountant firm in UAE that is licensed & registered with Ministry of Economy for auditing the companies’ accounts according to UAE Commercial Companies Law/ Federal Law No. 2 of 2015. We provide Audit and Assurance services to more than 1200, businesses, supporting our clients’ business growth.

    Our Mission

    Helping you succeed, we strive to provide the best innovative and distinguished services to add real value to our customers

    Our Vision

    a company that offers the finest integrated and distinguished solutions and services to customers

    Corporate TAX

    At Mabade, we have built a professional team to provide tax advice and ongoing support to our clients by making a full assessment of the changes that may apply to the company’s legal and organizational structure and business model, in addition to the following list of services which includes: Corporate Tax registration, Tax planning and preparation, Transfer pricing analysis, Tax compliance, Tax dispute resolution, Tax research, Mergers and acquisitions, and International tax.

    You Are on the Safe Side

    Accounting analysis
    Auditing strategy
    Accounting innovation

    We Offer Great Number of Services

    Ensuring compliance
    Attracting potential investors
    Easy in decision making
    main principles

    We help to make better decisions and convert those decisions to actions.

    1. Listed Auditing & Accounting Firm in UAE Free Zones

    MABADE AUDITING OF ACCOUNTS is one of the few accounting & bookkeeping firms in Dubai, UAE that is listed with all major free zones across the UAE. This is one of the core features of our firm.

    2. Helps in Attracting the Potential Investors

    Having financial records & statements up to date & ready help in bringing the new investment to the company. It helps investors to understand what they are getting into.

    3. Bank Approved Auditors & Accountants

    One of the main features of our accounting firm is that it is listed with big banks in UAE. We can make the better management of book of accounts that will help your company to get easy loan approvals.

    4. Better Credit Management

    Maintaining books of accounts by a professional accounting firm helps in ensuring compliance

    with company credit policy that also builds the trust of stakeholders & shareholders.

    5. Compliance With External Audit Process

    Our qualified & experienced chartered accountants & auditors maintain the accounting record in the manner that complies with obligatory external audit requirements in the United Arab Emirates.

    6. Ease in Decision Making

    The financial reports display the health of the company. We design financial reports & statement in a way that makes it very easy for the business owners to make major financial decisions.

    Benefits from our services

    1. Audit Software In-depth
    2. Accounts Insight Convenient
    3. Reports like never before
    4. Guide you how not to get fines
    5. Beat your own record

    Our Services

    External Audit Services

    Audit & Assurance is about much more than just the numbers. It’s about attesting to accomplishments and challenges, and helping to assure strong foundations for future aspirations

    Internal Audit Services

    strategic one that impacts financial effectiveness & regulatory compliance, drives operational excellence and pro-actively manages risk.

    Corporate TAX

    We have built a professional team to provide tax advice and ongoing support to our clients by making a full assessment

    Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

    it makes sense to hire professional accounting firms or companies with the right skills and experience.

    Fraud/Forensic Auditing Services

    It is really important for a business to carry out regular fraud and forensic accounting services to ensure that everything is well in their accounting and book-keeping processes.

    Liquidation & Insolvency

    The Companies Law regulates the dissolution and liquidation of companies.

    Value Added Tax – VAT Agent / Services

    Our experienced team of Chartered Accountants and Certified Public Accountants will help to keep your VAT and Excise Tax affairs in order and support you in filing VAT and Excise returns on time.


    Our Team

    Dr. Khaled Abd Ellatif
    Partner - Legal Department
    Mohamad Fadel
    Partner – Advisory and Consultancy
    Managing Partner – Abu Dhabi Branch

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