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Fraud/Forensic Auditing Services

The demand for fraud prevention and examination services, including fraud auditing and forensic accounting, is increasing as financial crimes become more sophisticated in the modern world. Forensic audit, which involves investigating fraud, financial crimes, and commercial disputes, is critical for determining the root and causes of financial errors, alleged employee fraud, reduction in company revenue, increase in cost, and other operational matters.

Companies in the UAE need certified fraud examiners to conduct forensic audits to investigate fraud and prevent loss of revenue and reputation. MABADE AUDITING OF ACCOUNTS, a forensic auditing firm based in Dubai, UAE, provides fraud investigation and forensic auditing services to help companies with this.

Fraud examination and forensic accounting are two related but different areas of expertise. Fraud examination aims to determine whether fraud has occurred and who is responsible for it, while forensic accounting determines whether the allegations are reasonable based on financial evidence and their financial impact. Fraud examinations are conducted with enough prediction, while forensic accounting engagements are conducted after an allegation of misconduct.

The methodology of fraud examinations involves document examination, review of outside data, and interviews, while forensic accounting involves gathering financial and non-financial evidence to independently check allegations and determine their financial impact. Fraud examiners attempt to gather enough evidence to support or refute a fraud allegation, while forensic accountants attempt to gather enough evidence to support or refute the allegation and related damages.

MABADE AUDITING OF ACCOUNTS has a team of certified fraud examiners who conduct investigations and help clients act quickly and confidently with regulatory concerns and actions. The team has extensive experience in forensic accounting investigations and deep knowledge in identifying key business conduct risks, including violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and international trade sanctions. The multilingual team provides client support in English, Arabic, and other languages, and works collaboratively with compliance and internal audit personnel to optimize their forensic efforts, whether reactive (investigations) or proactive (advisory and diligence support).

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