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Value Added Tax – VAT Agent

Consulting and Advisory Package for 6 months covers:

  • Provision of preparatory tax consultations
  • Provision of tax accounting consultations
  • Coordination with the company’s accountant regarding the
  • necessary amendments to the accounting system
  • Reviewing the tax reports before submitting them to the Federal Tax
  • Authority
  • Provision of technical support and guidance in tax accounting
  • Reviewing of tax calculations payable to the State
  • Reviewing of tax and recovery operations from the State
  • Provision of the necessary guidance in relation to dealing with the Federal Tax Authority
  • Helping the company protect and defend its interests in the face of the Federal Tax authority
  • Provision of compliance service related to the company’s
  • transaction with the Federal Tax Authority
  • Representing the company before the Federal Tax Authority
  • Assisting the company’s accountants in preparing tax returns
  • Educating the company’s employees, especially the sales
  • Department, with respect to taxes
  • Provision of statutory legal accounting services with respect to tax
  • Attending the tax audit sessions that maybe imposed by the
  • Authority on the company and preparing
  • Defense memoranda thereon
  • Preparing letters of appeal against the decisions of the Commission
  • in the event that they are unfair to the company and its follow-up
  • Preparing the appeal notes for the fines that the Authority may
  • impose on the company
  • VAT Registration and Deregistration
  • VAT implementation and Compliance
  • VAT Return Filing
  • VAT Advisory
  • VAT Audit
  • VAT Training
  • VAT Documentation
  • VAT Tax Agent
  • UAE National VAT Refund
  • Tax Residence Certificate
  • VAT Health Check
  • VAT Compliance
  • VAT Voluntary Disclosure
  • VAT Refund Application
  • VAT Penalty Consideration Application
  • Assistance in Inter-GCC Transactions
  • Transfer pricing
  • International tax

Mabade VAT Experts in UAE are at your service.

We offer transparent and professional VAT advisory services. Our experienced team of Chartered Accountants and Certified Public Accountants will help to keep your VAT and Excise Tax affairs in order and support you in filing VAT and Excise returns on time. We have been advising businesses on both Excise and Value Added Tax. Our expert taxation team with exposure to different tax regimes can advise and assist businesses to improve their systems and processes. Mabade Auditing firm have a team of VAT consultants and tax advisors all over the UAE who can help your business structure in-house recording and filing processes to ensure that your company does not incur any penalties from improper compliance.

The UAE Government implemented Value Added Tax (VAT) with effect from January 1, 2018. However, all businesses may not yet be prepared to meet the requirements of the VAT Law. Hence, it is imperative that businesses get expert services from any of the top VAT consultants in the UAE to emerge VAT compliant.

Value-Added Tax (VAT) in the UAE


VAT Consultancy Services

Excise Tax Services

Registered Tax Agents

Tax Agency Services

Tax Evasion Penalties

VAT Administrative Penalties

Appointing a registered Tax agency in Dubai, UAE:

Mabade Tax Consultants (MABADE) is an approved Tax agency regulated and authorized by the Federal Tax Authority bearing TAAN No 20002978.

Taxable persons should appoint registered Tax agencies when necessary for direct representation to the FTA.

We at MABADE offer the below services.

  1. Tax Planning
  2. Tax implementation
  3. Tax registration
  4. Tax advisory services
  5. Tax training
  6. Tax compliance
  7. Tax representation
  8. Tax dispute resolutions
  9. Tax audit assistance

VAT Refund

A refundable situation mainly happens when the Taxable Sales are less than the Taxable Purchases. The registrant can either keep the refundable amount as a credit with FTA so that they can adjust with the payable amount in the next VAT periods or they can go for the Refund by submitting Refund application “VAT Form 311”.We are approved and registered tax agents by FTA in the UAE. We have a 100% success rate in processing refunds of our clients with the FTA. Our services include:

Review of VAT returns to ensure proper VAT returns were filed;

Preparation of refund request forms as per the requirement of the FTA;

 Assisting the client in respect of the extraction of documents to be filed with the FTA along with refund request application;Liaising with the FTA in respect of the refund request application, filing legal responses to their queries, providing additional documentation, etc;

Successful completion of the refund process

Details – TAX/VAT Return Filing Service

Transactions Per Month Upto 1000
Services Covered: VAT – Tax Return FilingVAT Advisory
Scope & Benefits Will file the Tax Return for the Quarter, which includes the followingThe Input VAT for your taxable supplies – for Goods and Services – must be entered for each city (Emirate) separatelyThe Out Put VAT for your taxable supplies – for Goods and Services – must be entered for each city (Emirate) separatelyThe VAT amount might be re paid by your business to the touristsAdjustment using the Reversal MechanismTaking in consideration any Zero-Rated supplies for goods and ServicesTaking in consideration any Exempted Supplies for Goods and ServicesTaking in consideration any Out of Scope Supplies for Goods and ServicesTaking in consideration Import & Export Supplies for Goods and Services
Requirements Tax Registration CertificateSummary for the supplies for the quarter – a template will be provided by us after you buy this package  
Terms & Condition One-year ContractTermination: by 1-month notice from the date of the tax quarter  

Details – Tax Agent Services

Tax Agent Services, covers the following: Input tax recovery claiming and follow-up with THE AUTHORITYInput / Output tax adjustment and disputingTax audit by THE AUTHORITY support and attend the audit sessionsRepresenting the client on front of THE AUTHORITY when neededRepresenting the client in case of the business liquidation or and BankruptcyInput tax recovery claiming and follow-up with THE AUTHORITY (View Our Tax Agent Certificate)
Provision of Tax Agent Services                 Who is a Tax Agent? The role of the tax agent for the UAE is covered under the Federal Law No 7 of 2017 on Tax Procedures. This Federal law provides a definition for a tax agent. Any person registered with THE AUTHORITY (FTA) in the Register, who is appointed on behalf of another person to represent him before THE AUTHORITY and assist him in the fulfilment of his tax obligations and the exercise of his associated tax rights. (Art. 1 of the Tax Procedure Law).THE AUTHORITY will keep a register of tax agents (Art. 12 of the Tax Procedure Law). Only those tax agents listed in the register and licensed for this purpose will legally be allowed to represent a taxable person in the UAE Condition to be satisfied to be a Tax Agent The Tax Procedure Law give guidance on the qualifications of a tax agent under Art. 14(1). These are as follows:   To be of good conduct and behavior and have never been convicted of a crime or misdemeanor prejudicial to honor or honesty, notwithstanding that he may have been rehabilitated.To hold an accredited qualification from a recognized university or institute showing his specialization and practical.To be medically fit to perform the duties of the profession.To hold a professional indemnity insurance contract. The tax agent must have the ability to communicate orally and in writing in both Arabic and English. This requirement is added as tax returns are required to be in Arabic. However, Art. 5(2) of the Tax Procedure Law allows a translated copy. The tax agent must have passed any tests to meet qualification standards as specified by the FTA. The tax agent is required to notify the FTA of any changes to his profession that will impact his ability to practice as a tax agent in the UAE. (View Our Tax Agent Certificate)
Requirements Tax Registration Certificate Taxpayer Trade License if any
Terms & Condition Our fees will be determined according to the caseTermination: by 1-month notice from the date of the tax quarter

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